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Welcome, my name is @NYTONYSTARK, I am a social media creator with over 5M followers on Tik Tok (Verified), 25K+ Followers on Instagram, and 11K Followers on Twitch, living in New York. Oh, and I look juuusstt a little bit like Robert Downey Jr.

I have been cosplaying as Tony Stark/Iron Man Since NYCC 2018. I started cosplaying to visit sick Children in Hospitals to try and put a smile on their faces. That is the main reason I do what I do.. to help Sick Children and make them smile. In addition to hospital visits, I have done charity volunteer appearances as Iron Man for events such as Cancer Walk-A-Thons, Children's race for the cure events, Ronald McDonald House events, Private Charity events, Special needs kids' Birthdays, and more.

IMPORTANT: If there is a child with special needs or terminally ill (I am willing to travel for special cases) who would like a visit from Tony Stark/Iron Man (FREE of charge of course!), please don't hesitate to contact me using the form below (Only Charity/Visits/Business inquiries will be answered).

P.O. Box 297-200
Brooklyn, NY 11229

More Links:

- Book me on Cameo (100% of proceeds go to charity):

- Please note: My DISCORD server is now private invite only.

- You can find me on ALL major Social Media platforms as @NYTONYSTARK .

- More info about me: - PS., dont forget to click Boost!

I am an advocate of anti-bullying, anti-trolling online and Anti-hate. My social media accounts are a welcome safe and positive place for Kids, Adults, all Races, and the LGBTQ+ community, judgement free! I will not tolerate any cyber-bullying/trolling/Offending against my fans on my accounts. All negative comments are immediately erased and the user accounts blocked, no questions asked.

Links to my official Social Media accounts are to the right (or scroll all the way down on mobile).


"I just look a little bit like him"   - @NYTONYSTARK


Thanks for submitting! Note: Only Charity/Collab/Business Inquiries will receive a reply!

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